Visual Design

Marketing and Events

Case Study

Marketing, Merchandise, and Events Design

Design concepts, art direction, graphic design, mockups, and final artwork
Corporate event giveaways, foundation volunteers t-shirt, and bag design. Cake packaging for a local bakeshop from concept to print-ready artwork.

SIGG bottle

The water is characterized by its abstract forms, contours, and hues.

Created to resemble clearing a car windshield of droplets of water.

Eco-friendly bag

Trees with colorful shapes and lines of leaves.

Greenery design embeds a bold environmental message and brands it with an Earth Day logo.

T-shirts for the company's core values initiative

Designed to promote Excellence, Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork, and Ethics (ELITE) in all their activities.

T-shirt and bag for volunteers

White handprints symbolizing the volunteer's contributions.

Cake packaging

Cheesecake Melizza's brand is highlighted with organic, stylish floral accents.

Event stage backdrop


Lighted signage served as inspiration for the 3D logo design. The concept of using a modular approach triggered the thought of varying depths and sizes for each panel.

Low fidelity

Created a wireframe design to shape and structure the logo. Experimented with 2" acrylic backing and internal LED illumination, as well as 1/2" acrylic with a custom color film.

High fidelity

Incorporated four panels of various depths, which had ornamental patterns, into the logo for a more dynamic feel.

Installation guide

Actual size of backdrop: 24' x 14' and logo with tagline: 4.4' x 5'

Final backdrop design

Other Projects