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Asurion Home+ is a device protection plan that provides technical support, data security and protection for eligible home tech devices—smart TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, and more.


When a customer calls in to get technical support or to file a claim, the Asurion agent will help the customer and as a part of the call, will offer Asurion Home+ to eligible customers.

When the customer agrees to the offer, there is a 16–36% fallout when getting the credit card information because customers are not able to provide credit card information details due to not having their credit card, not having enough funds and billing failure.

Ideation Session

How do we increase conversion of customers who say yes to the Home+ product to becoming enrolled as a paying customer?

We sorted the team's ideas and saw the items that were related to each other.

Then, to add more context and understanding, we did storyboards to continue to discover new ideas as well.

To prioritize, the team agreed on what to do for the MVP and had an action plan on the next steps.

By providing customers with a digital payment capture option could reduce fallout since many people have credit card details already saved on their mobile devices.

Strategy for MVP Designs

We are going to do this incrementally—in two phases, so that our pilot group of Asurion Experts can be trained and have time to adjust to the new process of enrolling a customer.

Phase 1

Enable digital payment capture for customers via SMS when unable to complete over the phone. A banner below the credit card information and when clicked, it will open up a modal to send the SMS to the customer.

Phase 2

When available, autofill customer details for both Asurion Expert and customer-facing experiences. Two payment methods where Asurion Expert can enter customer’s credit card information or send SMS self-enrollment link to customer. The Asurion Expert can also see the enrollment status while they’re on the phone with a customer.

Breaking out the form into progressive disclosure designs for easier completion.

In the payment method, there are two tabs and the confirmation when the SMS is sent to the customer.

Once the SMS is sent, the Asurion Expert can see the status of the enrollment while they’re on the phone with the customer.

Customer-facing experience

For both phases, the customer gets the SMS to self-enroll and information should auto-populate for easier process.

Training Materials

To get the Asurion Experts prepared, we worked with the Instructional Design team to create a training course—to review the current process, learn on why the process is changing, and discover what the new process entails. My product director and I were responsible for providing feedback, design screenshots, prototypes and approving the training content course.

To supplement that, we collaborated on the content with the Sales Enablement team. I've created contextual tips that will appear on specific parts of the new experience using Appcues.


Next opportunities

After we launch, we will re-evaluate the next iteration based on qualitative and quantitative data we will get from the Asurion Experts, operation leaders and FullStory sessions.

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