Visual Design

Amazon Devices

Case Study

Amazon Devices Marketing Campaigns

Design concepts, art direction and visual design
Designed and retouched for featured Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Cloud Cam and Amazon Key. Collaborated and presented to designers, copywriters, and business stakeholders to get feedback, buy-in, and approval.

Fire 7 launch ad

Playful typography complementing the dynamic movement of the devices.

Kindle summer campaign

Headline placed into environment to unify the design and make the message stand out.

Kindle Oasis launch ad

Water splashing at unique angle to show tapered side of the device.

Kindle Paperwhite device update

Built-in adjustable light feature to differentiate device from entry-level Kindle.

Cloud Cam review campaign

Bubble-tail design to draw customer’s eyes to CNET’s review headline.

Kindle Oasis evergreen ad

Refined, premium design incorporating a three-dimensional background and lights emanating from Kindle Oasis to showcase new device features.

Amazon Key launch ad

Dynamic crops suggesting movement and quick, secure, anytime access to a customer’s home with Amazon Key.

Cloud Cam and Fire TV Cube bundle

Product-forward design and bold headline to promote a bundled offer.

Other Projects